More GreenZone Goodness from Drop Zone Tactical

Drop Zone Tactical in Alberta, Canada continues to add to their list of products in PenCott-GreenZone camouflage….

The latest addition to the portfolio is the “Mutha Ruka” long range recce pack – inspired by the classic British Army Bergen pack, but updated and improved in many ways.  Check out the Mutha Ruka product page on Drop Zone Tactical’s website for the full story.


Drop Zone Tactical’s GreenZone portfolio now includes the following items:

For more information about these products, follow the links above, or contact Drop Zone Tactical via e-mail at, or through their Facebook page.

Watch out for our “Badlands” and “Snowdrift” patterns to be added to Drop Zone Tactical’s portfolio soon as well.


PenCott “Quiet Loop” now available to order from Propel LLC

Propel is a woman-owned, small business based in Providence, Rhode Island that focuses on the development, marketing and sales of textile-driven products and technologies.  Their ground-breaking Quiet Loop product is redefining the hook-and-loop fastener industry in the same way that PenCott has been redefining the state-of-the-art in commercially available camouflage patterns.

Quiet Loop has a noise signature reduction of approximately 50% over regular hook-and-loop fastener material and has been in use on the US SOCOM PCU Level 9 uniform for the better part of two years.  Quiet Loop meets the physical performance requirements of A-A-55126B Class 4, is manufactured in the USA and meets the requirements of the Berry Amendment.


PenCott-printed Quiet Loop is available in the following widths:

  • 5/8″
  • 3/4″
  • 1″
  • 1.5″
  • 2″
  • 3″
  • 4″

Samples available in 1”, 2” and 4” widths.

Contact Brittany Haxton at Propel for samples and/or ordering information.


Drop Zone Tactical helps you get organised

Canada’s Drop Zone Tactical continue to roll out good stuff in PenCott.  First they introduced their awesome 3rd Generation Ops Pants, Hybrid Shirt, their legendary Recce Smock and their door-kicker approved Assault Pack in our equally awesome and legendary “GreenZone” colourway.  Now they’re expanding their line up of GreenZone gear.


The Shriner Binder Cover

The Shriner Binder Cover is made to fit most small 3-ring binders and is rugged enough for field use.


Multi-Tool / OC Pouch

The Drop Zone Multi Tool/OC Gen 2 Pouch, is an expandable cylinder pouch with a tongue flap, sized for large multi-tools or 50 gm. OC aerosol canisters.


V765 Full Zip Utility Pouch

The V765 (7 inches x 6.5 inches) Full Zip Utility Pouch is a large clam-shell, full zip-opening utility pouch that was spun off from a large individual first aid kit pouch.


All of these products are made with our mil-spec 1000 Denier textured nylon that has a durable water resistant coating and a urethane backing for extra weather protection.

For full details, and to order online, visit the Checkpoint Charlie Survival Supply website.


Extreme Gear Labs – always creating

A few days ago EGL posted an intriguing photo on their Facebook page showing the beginnings of an unidentified project using 500D Cordura “Badlands” fabric…

A day or so later they posted a second photo, this time showing the work-in-progress status of the project – but still no hints as to what it would eventually be…

Finally, they posted a photo of the finished product…

And the mystery was cleared up by an article on Soldier Systems Daily explaining that it is an Engineering Proof-of-Concept for a stock-mounted Blow Out Kit with CAT Tourniquet pocket, designed to attach to an AK-type skeleton stock.


Badlands Nalgene Carrier from Whiskey Two-Four

Renowned for being sturdy, well-engineered, and BPA-free, Nalgene water bottles are a very popular way to carry your favourite refreshing beverage – or even just pure clean water – on the trail or out in the back of beyond.  Even if your adventures only take you a couple of hundred yards from the car park at your favourite paintball or airsoft site, a Nalgene is still a great way to stay hydrated – but you need something equally good to carry your Nalgene in…

Presenting the solution to your needs from Whiskey Two-Four:


Their brand new MOLLE Nalgene Pouch in PenCott-Badlands enables you to strap a Nalgene on anywhere you’ve got some spare PALS webbing real-estate.  The pouch features a zip top, MALICE clips included, internal stiffeners so it holds its shape, and optional PALS webbing for attaching small pouches for water purification tablets, a compass or GPS, etc.


Available to order on Whiskey Two-Four’s website.


“GreenZone” IRR patches from COMBAT-ID

COMBAT-ID is the brain-child of Remik Matuszewski from Lodz, Poland – described on his Facebook page as a “one man army of ideas, stuff and technology” – and turns out unique, custom team, call sign, morale, flag and special patches.

One of the defining characteristics of his work is the use of IR reflective and glow-in-the-dark materials.  He’s also a fan of PenCott.  So recently he combined these two interests to produce the team patch for Polish paintball team “Stronghold Group”, and also IRR Canadian and UK flag patches.

“Stronghold Group” team patches.

Subdued IRR Canadian flag patch – – IRR on one side, glow-in-dark on the other. Top photo taken without flash, bottom photo with flash.

Subdued UK flag patch – IRR on one side, glow-in-dark on the other.

Velcro is sewn on around the edges of the patches on both sides so a camouflage patch cover can be fitted if desired.

You can see more of COMBAT-ID’s work on their Facebook page.