ZentauroN – Quality, Made In Germany

No, ‘ZentauroN’ isn’t the name of a wizard in an upcoming “Hobbit” or “Lord of the Rings” film, its actually the name of a respected German maker of high-quality gear.

ZentauroN (German for ‘Centaur’) produce a wide range of equipment and bags for a variety of applications. Their range includes products for military and law enforcement, civil protection and security, search and rescue, outdoor pursuits and sports.

Well known for their Vulcan Plate Carrier system (seen below), which is in use with German special forces, ZentauroN recently developed a new Multi-Mission Plate Carrier / Body Armor System for the Italian ‘Incursori’ special forces.


They also recently launched the Vulcan and a number of their other core military products in GreenZone™.


See the full line up on their website and follow them on Facebook. ZentauroN will also be exhibiting at Enforce Tac and IWA next month in Nuremburg.