Rasputin Item PenCott clothing and gear at Widowmaker Industries in Canada

It is now much easier for airsofters and paintballers in the US and Canada to get PenCott camo clothing and gear… 

Widowmaker Industries in Canada have the full range of PenCott products from Rasputin Item in stock!

10991145_786217691473261_6060809519970228956_n  10978549_786217808139916_304216173325107279_n 10987705_786217711473259_2417913287449009225_n 10968396_786217688139928_2984026451511037871_n  10418151_786217694806594_700759474968452987_n Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Sandstorm%20a Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Badlands%20a Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Greenzone%20a Rasputin%20N3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Sandstorm%20a Rasputin%20RS3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Badlands%20a Rasputin%20N3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Greenzone%20a

Click on the following link for full details: www.widowmaker.ca

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