Designed and built in-house, PenCottCamo.com is the new central, brand-hub for the PenCott® family of camouflage patterns from Hyde Definition Ltd.

PenCottCamo-homepageThis is the first time that the PenCott® pattern family has had its own dedicated website, and greatly expands and improves upon the PenCott® pattern content that has been previously held on the HydeDefinition.com website.  Among other enhancements, the new site features an in-depth look at the development of the patterns, what makes them so effective and where the name ‘PenCott’ comes from.

PenCottCamo-aboutAnother key highlight of the new site is the wide-ranging and ever growing gallery of submitted photographs showing the performance of the patterns in-the-field around the world.  There’s even an interactive map of the world that lets you select to see photos of the patterns in use by country (and by state in the US).

PenCottCamo-galleryA useful section of the site for Makers is the page covering the range of different PenCott® pattern fabrics and materials that are now available – as well as links to sources where they can be bought.

PenCottCamo-fabricsConsumers will find the full, up-to-date listing of PenCott® garment and gear producers – with links off to their websites – an invaluable resource for getting kitted up in PenCott®.

Finally, the Blog section of the site will present all of the latest news related to the PenCott® patterns, as well as additional original content relating to the field of camouflage history, design and technologies.

PenCottCamo-blogWith the launch of the separate PenCottCamo.com site, the legacy HydeDefinition.com site will be revamped and refocused to cover the consultancy services and other camouflage projects that Hyde Definition works on.

Check out PenCottCamo.com today – and also don’t forget to follow PenCottCamo on Facebook and Instagram too.


UF PRO® has announced their new Striker HT Pants- the ultimate combat pants for hot environments.  With the Striker HT’s special air flow system, state of the art knee protection, high-class fabric and component combinations and lots of other unique features, UF PRO® has yet again set the benchmark for modern high-performance tactical legwear.



The Striker HT Combat Pants are equipped with a new and very “cool” air flow system. Mesh lined openings in the groin area, together with opening knee protector pockets generate a cooling air flow in your upper leg and groin area with every step you take.



The Striker HT combat pants can be upgraded with two different knee pads:

  • Flex- Pads offer reliable and comfortable protection against impacts and additional cushioning while kneeling
  • Solid- Pads offer protection against penetration of sharp objects

Both layers are protected with a CORDURA® face fabric which provides extreme abrasion resistance. THE UF PRO® 3-LAYER KNEE PROTECTION SYSTEM


Leo Koehler Commando Shirt and Explorer Trousers now in stock at Flecktarn.co.uk

Commando Shirt – GreenZone

The Commando Shirt retains the collar, Velcro-fastened shoulder tabs and Velcro cuffs of the standard issue shirt but incorporates additional ventilation holes under the armpits and expandable pockets on both arms. These pockets are the same size as the chest pockets and are set at an angle to enable easy opening .


The front of the shirt is fitted with the two chest pockets of the standard issue shirt, but with all buttons removed. The pockets open with two patches of velcro each, and are expandable in the same way as the standard issue shirt. The front of the shirt is fited with three 30mm wide strips of velcro as a central opening - all press buttons and zippers have been removed in order to remove pressure points against the body when body armor is worn.


Explorer Trousers – GreenZone

LK’s Explorer Trousers are an “action” trouser sewn to German quality control and military specifications and designed with special ops and law enforcement in mind. The trouser legs are panelled for better ergonomic performance over hips, seat and knees, whilst the lower hem is reinforced on the reverse side to reduce fraying and wear. The leg cargo pockets are triple pleated and deep enough to accommodate larger objects.  They can also be opened from the top lid whilst standing or from the front seam with a zipper whilst seated or kneeling. The hip pockets are set at an angle to suit both top and side access and pocket ends are reinforced with extra stitching for durability.

pncct4na500aThe seat pockets are set closer to the sides of the leg for easier access, and also to reduce contents being squarely sat on. The front waist is closed with extra long hook and loop fastener for good adjustability across sizes, and the fly is military specification coil zip. The waist of the trousers is raised in the rear which helps to prevent belt bunching during crouching or squatting, and extra panels on the hips give the trousers more room in the rear so they do not ride down and expose your butt crack like standard trousers. The lower legs feature a less baggy, straight cut so that there isn’t extra fabric to flap about and snag when moving through low lying vegetation.


View the full selection of PenCott camouflage products at Flecktarn.co.uk for further details.

UF PRO: Professionals’ Insight – The Full Series

With this video series from UF PRO, we’ve been following an elite team of soldiers deployed behind enemy lines performing a hostage rescue operation…

In Part I the team conducted a clandestine HALO insertion into enemy territory.  In Parts II and III we see their tactical procedures and the gear used when operating behind the lines,  moving into a covert OP, conducting the assault  and rescue, and then extracting to the EXFIL location.


UF PRO - Part I


Part II


Part III


Fight and Flight Tactical LLAMA Pack available in GreenZone and BadLands

The LLAMA Pack from Fight and Flight Tactical is a low-profile, multi-mission capable, mid-sized assault/patrol pack.

It is built to be rugged enough for a year patrolling the Hindu Kush mountains, or to handle your next training event or hunting trip closer to home – and now its also available in PenCott-GreenZone and PenCott-BadLands.

Fight and Flight PenCott LLamaVisit www.fightandflight.com for full info and pricing.

Rasputin Item PenCott clothing and gear at Widowmaker Industries in Canada

It is now much easier for airsofters and paintballers in the US and Canada to get PenCott camo clothing and gear… 

Widowmaker Industries in Canada have the full range of PenCott products from Rasputin Item in stock!

10991145_786217691473261_6060809519970228956_n  10978549_786217808139916_304216173325107279_n 10987705_786217711473259_2417913287449009225_n 10968396_786217688139928_2984026451511037871_n  10418151_786217694806594_700759474968452987_n Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Sandstorm%20a Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Badlands%20a Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Greenzone%20a Rasputin%20N3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Sandstorm%20a Rasputin%20RS3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Badlands%20a Rasputin%20N3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Greenzone%20a

Click on the following link for full details: www.widowmaker.ca

PenCott™ camouflage now available on 70D ripstop nylon through MMI Textiles

Mil-Spec grade and Berry-compliant, 70D ripstop nylon fabric with a DWR finish and a PU-backing is now available in PenCott-GreenZone™ camouflage from MMI Textiles.


This 70D ripstop nylon fabric is perfect for tent flies, hammocks, bashas, groundsheets, rucksack covers, and any other application that requires a light-weight, waterproof, and exceptionally well-camouflaged solution.  In fact, bashas and rucksack covers made from GreenZone 70D ripstop nylon fabric are currently available from 0241 Tactical and M-Threat Industries.

11001904_662731130503580_3103696934713605873_n56To purchase fabric, and to see the whole range of PenCott camouflage fabrics now available (including unfinished 500D Cordura nylon – perfect for lamination projects) visit MMI Textiles PenCott camouflage web page.

Get your shirt sorted with UR Tactical

UR Tactical keeps the hits coming!

OPS GEN 2 Improved Direct Action shirt

Features a modified design and cut for better fit and comfort. The body area is constructed with cotton jersey knit material for T-shirt comparable comfort. The underarm area of the Gen2 IDA-shirt utilizes elastic material for a better fit and freedom of movement.

553267_903997092977323_6896110029188851746_n10480627_903997469643952_3431041724845465776_nAdditional features:

  • Forearm low-profile pockets with zippers on both sides – providing extra storage for a map, range card, photos, or other small items
  • Shaped elbows reinforced with 500D CORDURA that accept molded / removable elbow pads (included)
  • Upper arm pockets with large Velcro Panels for patches, etc.
  • High zip collar with quarter length zipper
  • Cuffs have velcro closure

OPS Integrated Battle Shirt 2.0

The IBS has been completely re-cut and re-sized to provide a better fit, also incorporates stretch fabric in the armpit / shoulder blade area for greater freedom of movement.


  • Top and side entry chest pockets for easier access while wearing body armor
  • Slanted shoulder pockets with Velcro Panels for patches, etc.
  • Shaped elbows reinforced with 500D CORDURA that accept molded / removable elbow pads (included)

To view the complete OPS Series PenCott line-up, visit ur-tactical.com on the web, or their Facebook page.  UR Tactical are also looking for international dealers, to find out more, click on the link on their website.