SCDTV’s applied show-off

Our friends from SCDTV have published a gallery of photos where you can see a bunch of nice gear from Applied Orange, Wisport, Stronghold Group,, SAGear, and Splinter Custom Ghillie – all put through its paces in the woods by Dudek and Irek of SCDTV.

10429464_753249878072698_6361511765745107046_nWhat the gallery also does really well to provide a good direct comparison between PenCott-GreenZone and MultiCam Tropic.  This is the first time we’ve seen anybody do such a direct side-by-side comparison.

10444341_753253131405706_7037538301249641312_nFull Photo Gallery Here

NEW – Field Duty Design Trousers from Applied Orange Performance Equipment

Applied Orange announced their new “Advanced Line” of non-FR products a couple of months ago.  Now they’ve released full details of their new trouser design.

Applied Orange describe their FDD trouser as a solid all-round design that works great for basic outdoor, military, law enforcement, milsim, and Close Protection use.  As the graphic below illustrates, the trousers are loaded with great, practical features.

GreenZone FDD trousers

Currently available in PenCott-GreenZone™, other PenCott™ color options will be added according to demand. In stock in sizes from Small to Extra Large, and in Regular and Long lengths.


Applied Orange Gen3 UBAX Field Combat Shirt, Advanced Line – pre-order now

Many of us might still be dealing with snow and/or sub-freezing temperatures – but Applied Orange is already starting to think ahead to the summer months….

So, they’re getting ready to do a production run of their high-quality UBAX Field Combat Shirts in PenCott-GreenZone™ and BadLands™ in time for these to be on people’s backs this summer.

pencott-ubax-field-gen3-greenzone-frontThe PenCott Gen3 UBAX FCS, “Advanced Line”,  stock will be landing in the AO-store in early April, along with the other AO Advanced Line products (more about that to come soon!).  The Advanced Line UBAX FCS is the little brother of AO’s Elite Line combat shirt – it’s a non-FR, basic cut, economically-priced shirt, but retains all the major cool features of it’s big brother.  Moreover, the “Advanced Line” UBAX FCS is made in the European Union, and is also compatible with d3o Labs’ P5 Impact Resistant elbow pads.

pencott-ubax-field-gen3-preorderAO is offering the shirt in PenCott-GreenZone™ and BadLands™, and customers can get 10% off their preorder by entering the code: advancedpreorder



O’Neill Ops mix it up a bit with BadLands™ and SnowDrift™

It is very much the fashion these days to wear camouflage that’s all “matchy-matchy” – in other words, for everything from your boots to your hat and your gloves to your belt and everything in between to be in the same, perfectly matched camouflage pattern.

1467318_731603190184652_1192474712_nHowever, sometimes its good to mix things up a bit – especially in “transitional” terrain or seasons.  In these photos we see the guys from O’Neill Ops using this principle to great effect on the plains of South Dakota recently with a combination of PenCott-BadLands™ and PenCott-SnowDrift™.

Incidentally, the camo oversuit they’re using here was developed by Hyde Definition, and is currently being produced under license by Applied Orange Performance Equipment.


Other SnowDrift options in lightweight, water-resistant polyester and water-resistant-treated, 50/50 nylon-cotton ripstop are available from Drop Zone Tactical, Sabre, – and coming soon from Leo Koehler, Helikon-Tex and UF PRO.