Enforce Tac / IWA 2015 PenCott™ “Shoppers’ Guide”

Our PenCott™ family of camouflage patterns will be featured with quite an impressive list of exhibitors at this year’s Enforce Tac and IWA…

S.O.D. Gear

Italy’s renowned S.O.D. Gear was one of the very first high-end, real-deal manufacturers to pick up on the PenCott patterns, and sent them off with some pretty cool dudes to open doors and meet people in some interesting places…  S.O.D. Gear will be at Enforce Tac for the first time this year.


Direct Action

One of the most eagerly awaited appearances at this year’s Enforce Tac and IWA has got to be Direct Action – the new advanced, professional brand from under the umbrella of Helikon-Tex. Enforce Tac / IWA marks the first public unveiling of the full line of Direct Action gear and clothing.  Be sure to drop by and check them out.




A brand that’s gained an outstanding reputation for innovation and high-quality over the past few years, UF PRO will be showcasing their range of superb products – including new items like their Monsoon SmallPac system and Hunter Sweater in GreenZone, and their brand new Striker HT hot weather BDU in BadLands will make its debut at this year’s IWA.


Leo Koehler

Another long time provider of high-quality items in PenCott camouflage patterns, Leo Koehler will be displaying their wares again this year at IWA – visit them at stand number 343 in hall 9.

Leo Koehler Hall 9 Stand 343


The Polish super-company that’s been most active with the PenCott patterns, Helikon-Tex will be showcasing their 2015 line-up at IWA.  Drop by to see what’s new, chat to their crew, and pick up a catalogue (or two).




Polish outdoor gear and backpack manufacturer Wisport will be bringing out several products in GreenZone and BadLands soon.  Drop by their IWA booth to find out more – Hall 9, Stand 344.

Wisport Hall 9 Stand 344


Saving the biggest news for last! - the Tacticaltrim booth at IWA will be something like PenCott™ Zentrale this year.  Not only will they have samples of the full range of PenCott camouflage fabrics on hand, they will also be featuring the first European unveiling of Murdock Webbing company’s jacquard-woven GreenZone webbing, and they will be showcasing the first public appearance of the full range of PenCott camouflage products from Tasmanian Tiger.

MissionBag-GZTacticaltrim will also be featuring several special guests and partners on their booth as well – including:





FRAG OUT! magazine a media partner of IWA 2015

Congratulations to our friends at FRAG OUT! magazine – they’ve been appointed as a media partner of IWA Outdoor Classics and Enforce Tac 2015.

Until then, check out the latest issue of FRAG OUT! online.  Features in the latest edition include:

  • HK416A5 in Action
  • FN Minimi Mk3 Gun Pr0n
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Direct Action Gear Behind the Scenes
  • AK Assault Rifle Training Pt 3
  • NFM Arc’teryx Khard Pack Pouches Suite
  • and much more


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MMI Textiles presents PenCott™ patterns at IFAI trade fair

Last week, MMI Textiles publically presented the full range of PenCott™ pattern fabrics for the first time at the annual conference and exhibition of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

DSCN1680DSCN1684The attendance at the booth was very good, we made several great new industry connections, strengthened ties with existing ones, and generally received a very positive response to the strategic partnership between MMI and Hyde Definition.  We look forward to many more successful ventures together.


PenCott™ camo at IWA 2014

Visitors to the IWA & Outdoor Classics trade fair in Nurember, Germany over the next 4 days will get a chance to see a lot of great products in the PenCott™ camouflage patterns.

Companies across Europe have been adding more and more products in the PenCott patterns and the patterns have in turn also been becoming more and more popular as users see the amazing effectiveness of the designs in use.


Helikon-Tex will be introducing new clothing items at IWA 2014, and also an entirely new line of professional combat gear called “Direct Action Gear”.  The Direct Action Gear line was developed with input from 2 former US Navy SEALS – Brandon Webb and “Drago” – as well as 2 former member of the Polish SF unit GROM – Jacek Kowalik and Andrzej Kisiel.  These men will also be Helikon’s special guests at their booth for the first 3 days of the show.




Innovative Slovenian brand UF PRO will launch their new UF PRO® Striker XT BDU system which will be available in GreenZone and BadLands. Make sure to drop by their booth Hall 9 Stand 317.




The clothing and gear brand of JK Defence will be showcasing their “Ghostwalker Gear” range of garments and gear in PenCott patterns.  Make sure you check them out at Hall 4, Stand number 236.



Leo Koehler

As well as their standard range of KSK-style shirts, pants and smocks, Leo Koehler will also be unveiling their new Cold Weather Smock in PenCott-SnowDrift at IWA.  Drop by their stand to see them; Hall 9, stand #337





Returning to the IWA after being away for a few years, TAC WEAR will have prototypes of their new PenCott clothing range on display at the TACPROGEAR booth; Hall 9, stand #248.



Keep an eye on the PenCott Facebook page (www.facebook.com/PenCottCamouflage) for further updates throughout the course of the show.



PenCott™ takes SHOT

This year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada will feature the most diverse presentation of the PenCott™ patterns ever seen.

TAC Wear

TAC Wear is well known by many as the ultimate in performance apparel for the law enforcement, military, sports and outdoors markets.  With category-leading comfort and durability TW products are built to last – and now they are built to conceal just as well.  In addition to their own standard patterns, TAC Wear will also be producing the Pathfinder BDU and Predator Jacket and Trousers sets under license from Hyde Definition.    

Visit TAC Wear at booth # 20052.

Tac Wear bannerMajor Dean Williams of Pencari wears a set of GreenZone Pathfinder BDUs and a Phantom Boonie Hat while instructing Dutch Marines in combat tracking

Tactical Tailor

Tactical Tailor offers a wide range of web gear, pouches and packs in the PenCott family of camouflage patterns.  See more of the Tactical Tailor PenCott products here, and on Tactical Tailor’s website: www.tacticaltailor.com/PenCottProducts

Contact GW Ayers at Tactical Tailor to arrange a meeting at the SHOT Show.

Tactical Tailor Fight Light Plate CarrierTactical Tailor Lightweight Assault Packs


Karrimor SF

Karrimor SF’s gear has fought Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Iraq and Afghanistan, has climbed mountains, gone on safari and been generally used-and-abused by soldiers and adventurers on every continent in the world.  Karrimor SF will be showing a selected sub-set of their range of packs in GreenZone™ and BadLands™ at the SHOT Show.

Contact Lindsey Lea at Grey Ghost Gear to arrange a meeting at the SHOT Show. Grey Ghost Gear is the exclusive US distributor of Karrimor SF products. 



Double D Armory

Home of exclusive hard-anodized PenCott-pattern finishes, one of Double D Armory’s AR rifles finished in PenCott-BadLands™ will be gracing a mannequin at the TAC Wear booth (#20052), and another Double D rifle will be on the EO-Tech booth.

Double D Armory SandStorm rifle

Warhorse Tactical

Warhorse Tactical is now offering durable, custom-painted, PenCott-coatings – one or more of their rifles will be at the SHOT Show – location(s) to be confirmed…

Warhorse Tactical SandStorm rifle


Leo Koehler unveiled PenCott product range at IWA 2013

German company Leo Koehler has been producing quality, work wear, protective clothing, and law enforcement and military uniforms since 1927.  In recent years, they have established a great reputation as a provider of high quality garments to the German Bundeswehr.

Leo Koehler is also active in the commercial market as well, and their line-up has a reputation for quality at an affordable price and has been a consistent best-seller among the real-deal and milsim tactical communities.

Unveiled for the first time at IWA 2013 were the first products in GreenZone and Badlands as part of their “Einsatz” (“Operational”) product line.


Einsatzkampfbluse (Operational Combat Shirt)



UF PRO® at IWA 2013

Slovenian company Uni&Forma was founded in 1997 with the mission of making high performance garment systems for professional users.  Under the brand name of UF PRO®, their garment systems are today worn by various military and law enforcement special operations units – both in Slovenia and abroad.

The UF PRO range is known for innovative design and industry-leading materials, high quality and reliability, comfort and durability – and all at an affordable price.  UF PRO only works with proven, leading-edge solution partners, and all of their products are thoroughly tested and evaluated on their performance for their intended use before they’re brought to market.

UF PRO showcased a wide range of their garment systems at the IWA this year including their P-40 Commando Pants and the new Striker Battledress System.

P-40 Camo Pants

The P-40 is a new breed of tactical pant that features an ergonomic cut for a performance fit, panels of robust stretch fabric for extreme mobility, and a detachable WINDSTOPPER® lining for year-round comfort.  They’ve quickly acquired the nick-name of “kick ass pants” because of the imagery used in their promotional campaign.



IWA 2013 Round-up

Hyde Definition Ltd. exhibited for the first time at the Internationale Waffen Ausstellung & Outdoor Classics 2013 trade fair (more commonly known as simply “IWA 2013″ or “Eevah” as they call it in Germany).

The show ran from 8-11 March and was held in Nuremberg, Germany.  By any measure, we had a great time at the show, made some great new friends and laid the foundations for some great business over the next months.  We will take an in-depth look separately at each of our partner’s offerings at the show, but first we present some highlights below.

Dom Hyde, creator of the PenCott™ camouflage pattern and founder of Hyde Definition, strikes a pose at stand # 508, Hall 7A.