Leo Koehler unveiled PenCott product range at IWA 2013

German company Leo Koehler has been producing quality, work wear, protective clothing, and law enforcement and military uniforms since 1927.  In recent years, they have established a great reputation as a provider of high quality garments to the German Bundeswehr.

Leo Koehler is also active in the commercial market as well, and their line-up has a reputation for quality at an affordable price and has been a consistent best-seller among the real-deal and milsim tactical communities.

Unveiled for the first time at IWA 2013 were the first products in GreenZone and Badlands as part of their “Einsatz” (“Operational”) product line.


Einsatzkampfbluse (Operational Combat Shirt)


Einsatzkampfjacke – KSK Smock (Operational Combat Jacket – KSK Smock)



Einsatzkampfhose – KSK Hose (Operational Combat Pants- KSK Pants)


Combat Shirt


Look for all items to be in stock and in stores around May / June of this year.


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