Ares Armor Combat XII-MEC Pack from

The Combat XII-MEC Pack is the same as the original Ares Armor design initially created for a US Marine Corps Sniper Platoon.  On the Combat XII-MEC Pack the PALS webbing was removed from the back of the pack at the suggestion of military customers who wanted solid camouflage concealment with less modularity needed for utility.

The Combat XII-MEC Pack is available exclusively through in the PenCott™ Multi-Environment Camouflage (“MEC”) patterns of GreenZone (Temperate), Badlands (Transitional/Semi-Arid), and Sandstorm (Arid/Desert).  This is a first of its kind and the premier of a pack in these camouflage patterns manufactured from 1000D textured nylon that is nIR treated and features a durable water-resistant coating.


The main compartment features two sections for 100 ounce hydration bladders with additional space for field rations or other sustainment supplies, along with external side solid color webbing for MOLLE compatible pouches. Two rear mounted pouches allow for additional storage. The pack can be worn solo with the shoulder straps and directly to a plate or armor carrier for free range of motion.

Dude, where’s my ruck?

Hyde Definition’s PenCott™ multi-environment family of camouflage patterns is under consideration for the US Army’s next-generation family of camouflage patterns, and is also being used by a growing number of special operations units around the world.


SPECOPS of Poland to offer full 2012 product line-up in PenCott camouflage

To kick things off, here are some publicity photos of their new BS-2 Combat Shirt featuring the PenCott-GreenZone, PenCott-Badlands and PenCott-Sandstorm camouflage patterns.





The SPECOPS BS-2 Combat Shirt features ripstop NYCO IRR material for the sleeves, collar and zipper panels, whilst the body is made from POLARTEC PowerDry thermo-active and Fire Resistant material.  The Combat Shirt (BS-2) matches the MBS-2 combat uniform standard.

All MBS-2 garments are sewn with AMANN threads, and use YKK zippers, and Velcro-brand hook-and-loop fastners.  SPECOPS also features the use of D30 impact protection products in their combat clothing.

SPECOPS combat clothing in the PenCott patterns is being offered in Poland to both civilian and military clients – and is also currently undergoing field trials with Polish ISAF components in Afghanistan.

All SPECOPS items and uniforms will be available in PenCott in 2012 – and come with a 3 year SPECOPS Combat Warranty..

PenCott-Snowdrift pattern debuts at SHOT 2012

Good personal concealment is not a fashion statement or a popularity contest. Its about reducing the risk of being detected.  And that can mean the difference between mission success or mission failure.

However, when it comes to snow camouflage most military patterns seem to have been developed with the line from the Christmas Carol about King Wenceslas in mind: “when the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even”.  In most terrain, however, the snow cover is often uneven and features shadows and textures from undulating or broken ground and from rocks and dry vegetation breaking up the blanket of white.

PenCott-Snowdrift™ breaks that mold and was specifically designed to provide superior camouflage in a wider range of snow-covered terrain.

Snowdrift™ is a 3-colour variant of  PenCott™, and like all members of the PenCott™ family it features:

  • a naturalistic, omni-directional, multi-scalar fractal geometry pattern
  • a unique 3-in-1 pattern design for superior blending and disruption performance
  • color palettes optimized for a variety of terrains and environments
  • high-difference boundaries and hypoacuitive color dithering create false edges and the illusion of 3D

PenCott-Snowdrift™ will be going in to production soon and will be available later this year – printed on lightweight, water- and frost-resistant, packable polyester fabric (the same type used by the USMC in fact).  The entire PenCott line-up will also be featured on the SOD Gear / TangoDown booth at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas January 17-20, 2012.