SOD Gear “Zombie Massacre” Movie Promo

Star of the upcoming movie Zombie Massacre, “Iron” Mike Mitchell is seen here wearing the new Spectre Chest Rig from S.O.D. Gear (suppliers of uniforms and equipment for the movie). He is also wearing the S.O.D. Gear Spectre Combat Shirt, Pants, and Boonie in PenCott-Sandstorm Camouflage.

Watch out for more info about S.O.D. Gear’s line up of personal equipment featuring PenCott camouflage coming soon.


Shaddox Tactical custom gear

Based in Oregon, Shaddox Tactical gear is designed and built by people who know quality tactical gear, for the operator who knows quality tactical gear.

They provide personal service and quality hand-made custom tactical gear made of  military specification materials and hardware. All of their services and products are guaranteed and if they fail from workmanship or materials they will repair or replace them for free.

Pictured here is an example of their work in the form of a flash-bang grenade pouch, a zippered utility pouch and a small radio pouch in PenCott-GreenZone.

Visit their website or their Facebook page for more information about their full range of products and services.


Whiskey Two-Four and QP Gear – paintball, airsoft and real-steel

Arizona-based Whiskey Two-Four Paintball and its sister brand QP Gear have been busy building up an impressive portfolio of clothing and equipment featuring PenCott camouflage.  Many of their products are really unique and innovative and between the two brands they cover the full spectrum of paintball, airsoft and real-steel pursuits.

You can see their paintball and airsoft orientation loud and clear in their Stashable Lightweight Utility Tunic (or “SLUT” for short), which is designed to be thrown on over your regular clothes to provide a quick, comfortable camouflage coverall in a handier configuration than a typical set of overalls.

Pictured on the GreenZone SLUT above is WTF’s SPECTRE battle belt in GreenZone.  The Spectre is fully adjustable and features an articulated 3-part build to provide a more comfortable and stable fit for carrying your sub-load and/or secondary armament.  The Spectre is made from 1000D Cordura nylon with matching PALS webbing made from 500D Cordura nylon, and also features WTF’s exclusive 3D airmesh backing for ventilation and padding.

Also on the gear front, WTF offer several different types of modular combat vests.


PULLER chest rig.

WTF Plate Carrier.


In their clothing line, WTF offer two types of combat shirt; one in a pullover style, and one with a hood and 1/4 length zipper – which can also be made with foliage loops for users who want an added level of concealment – and most recently WTF has also added trousers in a basic pull-on style.

WTF Combat Shirt in GreenZone

Hooded Combat Shirt and WTF Minimalist Pants in Badlands. This dude is so hard-core that he paintballs barefoot!


QP Gear:  Whiskey-Two Four have taken some of the suitable products from their paintball/ airsoft portfolio, put them on steroids, toughened up their construction where needed and forged a line of custom gear for the “quiet professional”.

Every piece of QP Gear kit comes with a lifetime warranty – which means that should your QP Gear ever fail for any reason, the company will repair or replace it free of charge (all you have to do is send it back to them)!

In addition to MOLLE platforms, vests and rigs, QP Gear also provides all of the pouches to go with them.  Such as the 556 Flat Front Shingle in Badlands pictured below.

For more information, and a lot more products, visit the WTF website and Facebook page.  And check out the QP Gear website and Facebook page for real-steel level products.


UW Gear – unconventional gear for unconventional times

UW Gear, the UW stands for “unconventional warfare, are a rather unconventional outfit themselves.  Their motto is “Don’t forget nothing” (borrowed from Rogers’ Rangers of  French-Indian War renown), and reflects their philosophy of rugged self-reliance and individual readiness.

UW Gear’s MINUTEMAN MKII Chest Rig is made to order and is available in AK and AR versions.  It is specifically designed to give the rifleman an optimum platform to carry 3 x 30-rd mags, plus additional gear if required.  It is intended for unsupported operations where mag protection and retention are critical, but with quick access as well.  To that end, the mag pouches feature UW Gear’s unique Fast Tab closure system, which is brilliantly simple yet cunningly effective.

Prototype Minuteman MKII AK chest rig featuring 4 mag pouches. Production version features 3 mag pouches.

Visit UW Gear’s website at for more information.

Extreme Gear Labs – rigs, bags and more

Extreme Gear Labs in Colorado have been around since 2002 and have a devoted following among special ops units and other aficionados of custom gear.  And its no wonder, since the company describes its mission as being to “design and make kick-ass gear and equipment for all trigger-pullers, face-shooters and heart-breakers”.

Its also no wonder then that EGL and their customers have picked up on the uniqueness and effectiveness of the PenCott family of patterns – with Badlands seeming to be the most popular at the moment.

EGL M4 and Glock MiniRig

EGL Medical Chest Pouch

EGL SF60 Chest Rig

EGL Doosh Bag

Our friends at PredatorBDU Blog recently ran an in-depth review of the EGL Doosh Bag, check it out.

To see more of what Extreme Gear Labs has done, and can do, check out their Facebook page.  Alternatively, you can contact them via email at:  elabsinfo”at”gmail”dot”com.


OC Tactical teams up with Red Tac Gear on exclusive PenCott camo line

OC Tactical and Red Tac Gear have teamed up to deliver Red Tac’s poly-filled Rear Bean Bag and Tactical Pillow made with Hyde Definition’s 500D Cordura Nylon PenCott-GreenZone and PenCott-Badlands camouflage fabric.

The Rear Bean Bag measures approximately 6″ x 4″ and is designed to be used as rest for a rifle’s butt-stock when shooting from a prone-supported or bench-rest firing position.

The Tactical Pillow measures approximately 6″ x 6″ and is designed to be used as a rest for a rifle’s fore-stock when shooting from the prone or a bench, or it can also be used a pillow.

Both products can be purchased through OC Tactical’s web store.


S.O.D. Gear Update

Italian military clothing and gear manufacturer Special Operations Department Gear (more commonly known as S.O.D. Gear), will be opening its doors to the public in July for the first time ever!

Visitors will get a chance to see the showroom of the company, as well as being able to view, handle and try-out prototypes and equipment never seen before. More than 400 products will be at the disposal of visitors!  SOD Gear will be running special promotional prices on their standard products as well.

Finally, SOD Gear will also be presenting new products, including the long-awaited SPECTRE CHEST RIG (seen below in Hyde Definition’s PenCott-Badlands pattern camouflage).



Saturday 7 from 09:00 to 13:00
Sunday, 8 from 09:00 to 13:00
Monday 9 from 09:00 to 19:00

Friday 13 from 09:00 to 19:00
Saturday 14 from 09:00 to 13:00

For more details:

tel. (+39) 0571 73041/73042

Molay Military Uniform Division expands its PenCott offering

Molay has sent us the details of their new PenCott portfolio which now includes 2 different types of uniforms / tactical clothing, a combat shirt, a plate carrier and a boonie hat. 

“Rapid Task Trousers”: Designed to be paired with the Echo Tac 1 Jacket, this is Molay’s ultra-modern multi-purpose tactical trouser design.  The trousers feature articulated knees for comfort and dynamic movement, as well as some clever and unique pocket designs and configurations for effective load carriage.  Price for a pair in PenCott is $170 US, available to order now.  Full details can be found on Molay’s Facebook page here.


“Peacekeeper Uniform”: Designed at the request of an Indonesian law enforcement special operations unit, the Peacekeeper is Molay’s innovative take on a modern ACU / MCCUU type uniform suitable for garrison duty as well as field and tactical deployments.  Price for a set is approximately $170 US (depending on current exchange rates), available to order now.  Full details can be found on Molay’s Facebook page here.


“RapidTask Top”: The Rapid Task Top is Molay’s re-interpretation of the USMC’s FROG shirt.  Molay’s shirt features nIR-reflectance resistant PenCott NyCo ripstop fabric on the sleeves, collar and zipper placket and Cordura® Baselayer fabric on the torso.  Price is $105 US, available to pre-order now.  Full details can be found on Molay’s Facebook pre-order page.


“Alpha Plate Carrier”: Molay’s first foray into “hardwear” is the Alpha Plate Carrier.  Robustly constructed to hold up under heavy use, the Alpha features 1000D Cordura nylon with a durable water resistant finish and urethane backing, as well as US milspec buckles, webbing, mesh, Velcro, shock cord and snaps.  The production version will feature breathable padded mesh on the interior – picture is of a prototype. Price will be approximately $170 US (depending on current exchange rates), available to pre-order now.  Full details can be found on Molay’s Facebook pre-order page.


“Tango Brim Hat”: Molay’s boonie hat is of the short-brimmed “operator” style that’s popular these days.  The 55mm short brim is also angled in order to provide more protection from sun, rain and creepy-crawlies and the brim is also chain-stitched for additional stiffness.  Molay also replaced the traditional (and clumsy / uncomfortable) chin strap with a shock-cord and cord-lock system to fasten the hat securely around the wearer’s head.  The price is $30 and its available to order now.  Full details can be found on Molay’s Facebook page, here.

If you don’t use Facebook, or you can’t access it at your location, you can also contact Molay Military Uniform Division via telephone at +62 821 34 183183, or on email at


Ares Armor Combat XII-MEC Pack from

The Combat XII-MEC Pack is the same as the original Ares Armor design initially created for a US Marine Corps Sniper Platoon.  On the Combat XII-MEC Pack the PALS webbing was removed from the back of the pack at the suggestion of military customers who wanted solid camouflage concealment with less modularity needed for utility.

The Combat XII-MEC Pack is available exclusively through in the PenCott™ Multi-Environment Camouflage (“MEC”) patterns of GreenZone (Temperate), Badlands (Transitional/Semi-Arid), and Sandstorm (Arid/Desert).  This is a first of its kind and the premier of a pack in these camouflage patterns manufactured from 1000D textured nylon that is nIR treated and features a durable water-resistant coating.


The main compartment features two sections for 100 ounce hydration bladders with additional space for field rations or other sustainment supplies, along with external side solid color webbing for MOLLE compatible pouches. Two rear mounted pouches allow for additional storage. The pack can be worn solo with the shoulder straps and directly to a plate or armor carrier for free range of motion.

Dude, where’s my ruck?

Hyde Definition’s PenCott™ multi-environment family of camouflage patterns is under consideration for the US Army’s next-generation family of camouflage patterns, and is also being used by a growing number of special operations units around the world.