OC Tactical teams up with Red Tac Gear on exclusive PenCott camo line

OC Tactical and Red Tac Gear have teamed up to deliver Red Tac’s poly-filled Rear Bean Bag and Tactical Pillow made with Hyde Definition’s 500D Cordura Nylon PenCott-GreenZone and PenCott-Badlands camouflage fabric.

The Rear Bean Bag measures approximately 6″ x 4″ and is designed to be used as rest for a rifle’s butt-stock when shooting from a prone-supported or bench-rest firing position.

The Tactical Pillow measures approximately 6″ x 6″ and is designed to be used as a rest for a rifle’s fore-stock when shooting from the prone or a bench, or it can also be used a pillow.

Both products can be purchased through OC Tactical’s web store.


About Lawrence Holsworth

Marketing and Business Development Director, Hyde Definition.
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