Tactical Tailor Releases Products in PenCott™ Camouflage

Tactical Tailor, supplier of rugged, 100% American-made tactical equipment to Warfighters around the world, is proud to announce it is offering a range of equipment in the PenCott™ family of camouflage patterns.

The effectiveness of camouflage should not gauged by popularity, nor aesthetic appeal. Camouflage is measured by its ability to mask shape and form to prevent detection. The successful use of camouflage—or its compromise—often determines mission success, mission failure and even mission completion. It is for this reason that Hyde Definition calls their patterns Mission Critical Camouflage, and this is why Tactical Tailor has added Badlands™ and GreenZone™ to its camo pattern options.

Rudder RAC BL    Rudder RAC GZ

“We haven’t just looked at T&E results,” says Tactical Tailor’s GW Ayers, “We did our own research. We took it to the field and sent it overseas…the results are in. We need to offer PenCott™.”

“Tactical Tailor makes some of the most rock solid and effective gear on the planet,” says Lawrence Holsworth, Hyde Definition’s Director of Business Development. “It’s a great honor to be working with them—and a testament to the effectiveness of the PenCott™ patterns that they chose to work with us.”

Hyde Definition’s family of patterns features a unique, hybrid, 3-in1 pattern geometry that is more organic and natural looking than typical camouflages. It provides superior concealment at all ranges. Founder Dominic Hyde realized the deficiencies of many such patterns years ago and set out to design a new pattern geometry that would be more effective and adaptable than any other patterns available.

“The PenCott™ patterns are enjoying great growth internationally,” Holsworth advises, “so teaming up with Tactical Tailor will help us consolidate and build on that success in the US market as well.”

mag pouch    mag pouches

Tactical Tailor will initially be offering equipment in BadLands™ (for dry, upland, bushland, semi-arid and transitional terrain) and GreenZone™ (for verdant temperate, tropical and semi-tropical operations). There are two other patterns, with a fifth in development: SandStorm™ (for arid, desert terrain) and SnowDrift™ (for snow and winter terrain). The last pattern is called MetroPolis™ – an urban/industrial/low-light pattern scheduled for release in 2014.

“Sandstorm™ and SnowDrift™ are great patterns, no doubt,” Ayers continues, shading his eyes with a grin and looking into the distance. “and MetroPolis™ is intriguing. However, I can neither confirm nor deny we’ll be doing anything with those in the future.”

View the entire line of Tactical Tailor’s PenCott™ offerings at: www.tacticaltailor.com/PenCottproducts

Learn more about PenCott™ in use all around the world: www.facebook.com/PenCottcamouflage

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Marketing and Business Development Director, Hyde Definition.
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3 Responses to Tactical Tailor Releases Products in PenCott™ Camouflage

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  2. rich says:

    OMG!!!!! tactical tailor in pencott!!!! don’t think my bank manager is going to be happy!!! at last it seems like there is going to be some serious tactical gear available, wooooo hoooooo

    • rich says:

      well thought i’d leave the bank manager to deal with it and headed to the tactical tailor website, 1 rudder chest rig, 2 fight light triple pouches, 2 vertical pouches and roll up dump pouch later and then head off to the post office to collect it and I’m one very happy bunny!!! rocked it to local airsoft site with uf pro striker shirt, trousers and boonie and had loads of positive comments about how hard i was to spot. do yourselves a favour and join the pencott revolution!!! cheers Dom and Lawrence

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