Announcing PenCott-BlackOps™

With our innovative PenCott™ family of patterns Hyde Definition aims to provide the most effective multi-environment camouflage schemes available on the commercial and military markets. 

BW_PenCott logo VERDANA_square edgeThe PenCott™ patterns are unique in the way they combine the best of analogue and digital camouflage design principles, and include the following unique features and advantages:

  • 3-in-1 / 360° pattern geometry – the inclusion of large, medium and small fractal shapes makes the patterns effective at close, mid, and long range.
  • Depth + Blending + Disruption – the combination of multi-sized fractal shapes, high-difference boundaries and hypoacuitive dithering creates the illusion of depth and disrupts the shape of the wearer.
  • Complex tones and textures – the complex pattern textures and tones deliver superior disruption and blending performance than other patterns.


Hyde Definition now announces our long-awaited “urban” pattern - PenCott-BlackOps™ – first seen as a sneak-preview for SPARTANAT at the IWA exhibition in Nuremberg

In the photo below our Director of Business Development and Marketing, Lawrence Holsworth, is wearing a Tactical Polo in PenCott-BlackOps™PenCott-BlackOps™ will be available exclusively on Silent Knight™ noiseless, stain resistance, static-free, knit fabric.


Designed specifically for law enforcement, government agency and military special operations units – as well functionally extremely well as a “lifestyle pattern” – PenCott-BlackOps™ enables the tactical operator to operationally own the night and dominate the fight.  The darkness of the PenCott-BlackOps™ pattern will compliment units’ existing black kit and is also the ideal pattern for the blackest of black ops.  Whether you’re a down-range or downtown operator – PenCott-BlackOps™ is the perfect pattern for disappearing into the shadows of the man-made landscape, and for projecting a an intimidating, show-of-force image to visually and psychologically dominate your opponents.

night on earth

PenCott-BlackOps™ is the first truly universal / global pattern that operationally enhances the tactical operator’s ability to own the night and dominate the fight.  That’s why we call it “Mission Critical Camouflage“.


 april fools….

About Lawrence Holsworth

Marketing and Business Development Director, Hyde Definition.
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  1. Cesare says:

    Nice 1st April prank…

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