UF PRO® Monsoon SmallPac™ in PenCott-GreenZone™

UF PRO® has produced the first ever 100% waterproof suit in PenCott-GreenZone™ – and its available now!

The first waterproof rain suit in PenCott camouflage.

UF PRO® partnered up with a German high-tech laminating partner to deliver this lightweight, wind- and waterproof 2.5-layer laminate solution that will keep you dry in even the worst weather conditions.


The SmallPac™ requires very little packing space and can also be attached to the MOLLE system on your backpack, vest or plate carrier – for quick and easy access at any time.

SmallPac attached to gear Stowed away SmallPac Suit

The 2 carrying pouches for the SmallPac jacket and trousers can also be attached to the SmallPac trousers and used as cargo pockets when the suit is worn.

Attached upper leg pouches



  • Detachable UF PRO® Hood/Harness
  • Upper arm pocket
  • Reinforcements in the shoulder and buckle area
  • Sleeve width adjustment

Detachable UF PRO HoodHarness

Upper sleeve pocket


  • Detachable suspenders
  • Double-puller side zipper
  • Double belt loops
  • Reinforced instep

Detachable suspenders

Long side zippers with two sliders

The awesome camouflage properties of PenCott-GreenZone™ pattern camouflage combined with the 100% rain-proof performance of the UF PRO® Monsoon SmallPac™ makes this suit an unbeatable solution for rain and wet weather protection.

The Monsoon SmallPac GreenZone™ Rain Suit is available at: www.ufpro.si

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