Partner / Product Spotlight: UF PRO® SmallPac Monsoon in GreenZone™

GreenZoneprovides an outstanding level of camouflage and concealment in verdant environments, but sometimes you need protection from the elements too.

Enter UF PRO.  These guys don’t just make exceptionally ergonomic and functional garments, they are also very innovative in their use of materials.  And if the material they want doesn’t exist?  They go out and get it made!


Case in point:  they developed the first (and so far, only!) breathable, waterproof, GreenZone™ material for their SmallPac Monsoon rain suit.  And the result?  “Regarding comfort and waterproofness we did not notice any difference compared with the GORE-TEX® SmallPac Suit.  And regarding noise the GreenZone 2.5 layer laminate is even superior to the GORE-TEX® Paclite.”

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