UP CLOSE LOOK: Sedran Colonial Guard – ‘HALO: Nightfall’

Whether you’re a fan of HALO or not, there is a lot to enjoy in ‘HALO: Nightfall’.  Of particular interest for us is that the Sedran Colonial Guard force in the movie wear battle dress uniforms in PenCott-BadLands™ camouflage pattern.  So we did some research and made some screen-grabs to give you a closer look.

Insignia of the Sedra Colonial Guard.  Image created by Sal of halofanforlife.comInsignia of the Sedra Colonial Guard. Image created by Sal of halofanforlife.com

The Sedran Colonial Guard is the primary military force of the remote Outer Colony of Sedra and is led by Colonel Randall Aiken, a former elite SPARTAN-II super-soldier. Many soldiers in the Sedran Colonial Guard are well-motivated and dedicated to the defense of their homeworld – as Private First Class Talitha Macer explains at one point; “We’ve lived in a state of perpetual war, surrounded by enemies. We were born fighting.

Colonel Aiken 1Considering the temperate forested terrain of Sedra however, perhaps GreenZone™  would have been a more appropriate choice of camouflage…

Nightfall_-_Sedran_forestForested terrain around Sedra City on planet Sedra. (source: Halopedia)

The ‘HALO: Nightfall’ costume department created a distinctive look for the Sedran Colonial Guard troops by using BadLands™  Combat Patrol Uuniforms (CPUs) from Helikon-Tex, with a few cosmetic alterations.  For Colonel Aiken’s uniform, and also for his close protection team, they used BadLands™  CPU trousers from Helikon-Tex paired with BadLands™  ‘Einsatzkampfjacken’ (‘Operational Battle Jackets’) from Leo Koehler.  Besides some minor cosmetic changes, it also looks like the costume department ‘aged’ the uniforms with some sort of over-wash as well.

Sedran Colonial Guard forces

Sedran Colonial Guard main characters.

Colonel Randall Aiken – played by veteran British actor Steven Waddington (Last of the Mohicans, The Imitation Game).

Steven WaddingtonColonel Aiken 2Colonel Aiken wears a slightly modified BadLands™  ‘Einsatzkampfjacke’ (‘Operational Battle Jacket’) from Leo Koehler and BadLands™  CPU trousers from Helikon-Tex.

Private First Class Talitha Macer - played by British actress Christina Chong (Johnny English Reborn, Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens).

Christina ChongMacer 2PFC Macer wears a slightly modified BadLands™  Combat Patrol Uniform (CPU) from Helikon-Tex.

Sergeant Samantha Wisner - played by British actress Jennie Gruner (The Great Fire, Zero).

Nightfall_-_Wisner_Second_StorySergeant Wisner wears a slightly modified BadLands™  Combat Patrol Uniform (CPU) from Helikon-Tex.

For more information about the story behind the action in ’Halo: Nightfall’, and about the movie production, check out this article on Halopedia.

Aiken and Locke

SCG Colonel Aiken and  OSI Agent Locke during the mission on the Alpha Shard

For a closer look at the Einsatzhampfjacke from Leo Koehler, check out this review by Ripperkon (in German language).

For a closer look at the Combat Patrol Uniform (CPU) from Helikon-Tex, check out this review.


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