US Army camouflage in the news

Its kind of funny sometimes how a story that’s old news in the industry gets picked up by the mainstream media and takes off with a whole new life of its own.

Such was the case recently when our Marketing Director, Lawrence Holsworth, interviewed for an article about the US Army’s choice of the so-called “Universal Camouflage Pattern” that appeared online in The Daily.

Much to everyone’s surprise, this article sparked a wave of articles published around the world – virtually all of which quoted extensively from The Daily’s article, and most of which also contained a lot of wrong or mixed-up information.

But the fall-out wasn’t restricted to the online or newspaper media, Lawrence was also contacted by the FOX Business Network to appear on one of the their TV programmes.  Click on the image below to watch the result…


About Lawrence Holsworth

Marketing and Business Development Director, Hyde Definition.
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