Badlands Nalgene Carrier from Whiskey Two-Four

Renowned for being sturdy, well-engineered, and BPA-free, Nalgene water bottles are a very popular way to carry your favourite refreshing beverage – or even just pure clean water – on the trail or out in the back of beyond.  Even if your adventures only take you a couple of hundred yards from the car park at your favourite paintball or airsoft site, a Nalgene is still a great way to stay hydrated – but you need something equally good to carry your Nalgene in…

Presenting the solution to your needs from Whiskey Two-Four:


Their brand new MOLLE Nalgene Pouch in PenCott-Badlands enables you to strap a Nalgene on anywhere you’ve got some spare PALS webbing real-estate.  The pouch features a zip top, MALICE clips included, internal stiffeners so it holds its shape, and optional PALS webbing for attaching small pouches for water purification tablets, a compass or GPS, etc.


Available to order on Whiskey Two-Four’s website.


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