‘Soldier Systems Daily’ provides an exclusive Sneak Peek of Hyde Definition’s “Pathfinder” BDU

Responding to numerous requests from US retailers, and leveraging from an overseas program we’ve been working on, we recently unveiled our new “Pathfinder” BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) – as detailed exclusively today on Soldier Systems Daily.


We used the popular American ACU-style cut as the starting point for the basic chassis of the uniform, but then added a number of changes and enhancements – such as improved pocket designs.  For the pocket flaps we drew on the stylistic heritage of the WWII American paratroopers’ M42 jump suit, and the short-run Hyde Definition “Pioneer” BDU from 2008.  Around the back of the trousers, we implemented a more dynamic and practical feature called the “Rapid Access Ditch Pocket” – RAD Pocket for short – in place of the next-to-pointless traditional style pockets.  We also made the trousers legs a slightly longer length – and implemented shock cord in the cuffs – for better blousing over boots of a shorter height.


On the jacket we got rid of the ACU’s stiff Velcro-over-loaded collar in favor of a design which is both practical and functional – as well as flexible.  We also brought back the practical-tactical outward angled chest pockets of a RAID-style BDU, and incorporated zip-opening bicep pockets.

Watch out for further details soon, in the meantime, check out the article on Soldier Systems Daily.

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Marketing and Business Development Director, Hyde Definition.
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