Molay Taktika Indonesia launches airsoft line in PenCott™ camouflage patterns

Due to popular demand, Molay Taktika Indonesia (the parent company of Molay Military Uniform Division) has launched a line of PenCott camouflage clothing specifically intended for the airsoft / milsim community.

The new line is part of the Montbard Gendarmerie Airsoft Gears portfolio and incorporates high-quality replicas of Crye Precision’s popular Gen.II style Combat Pants and Combat Shirts.  The garments feature authentic, milspec PenCott nylon-cotton ripstop fabric, high-quality cotton-Elastene stretch fabrics, and milspec quality thread, trims and sewing techniques – at a more economical price point.

Gen.II style Combat Shirts

GenII Combat Shirt - SandStorm GenII Combat Shirt - BadLands GenII Combat Shirt - GreenZone

Gen.II style Combat Pants

GenII Combat Pants - SandStorm GenII Combat Pants - BadLands GenII Combat Pants - GreenZone


Visit Montbard Gendarmerie Airsoft Gears’ Facebook page for full details.

See more of the PenCott family of patterns in use around the world on our Facebook page.


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