“Pathfinder BDU” Sets Now Available!

Limited quantities of the made-in-the-USA Pathfinder BDU are available now directly from Hyde Definition Ltd with free shipping to US addresses.

We developed the “Pathfinder BDU” to fulfil numerous requests for a US-made lightweight tactical uniform in PenCott camouflage pattern 50/50 NyCo fabric, and named it in honor of the elite “first in” paratroops of WWII.

GreenZone Pathfinder BDU - RTGThe “Pathfinder BDU” is based on the ACU chassis and follows the standard US Army ACU sizing and fit chart. However, the Pathfinder BDU takes the familiar ACU platform to a whole new level. It features stylistic nods to the US paratroopers’ classic M-42 Jump Suit, the special operations RAID BDU, and other modern innovations and improvements.




  • Chest pockets are angled outboard and are sealed with hook-and-loop tape
  • The collar does not utilize a hook-and-loop tab and can be worn up or down
  • The front closes with a zipper and a flap secured with hook-and-loop tape
  • Bi-swing back for increased comfort and range-of-motion
  • Sizeable bicep pockets feature a zippered opening on the leading edge
  • Chem-light / pen holder pockets located behind bicep pockets
  • Cuffs are fastened with hook-and-loop tape
  • Body of the jacket is cut straight for a more streamlined fit than the ACU
  • PLEASE NOTE: the diagram below shows Velcro patches on the sleeve pockets and chest of the jacket – the current stock of the pre-production model DOES NOT include the Velcro patches.  The final production model will include pattern-printed “Quiet Loop” in these areas.



  • Large, non-pleated, bellowed, cargo pockets with button-down flaps
  • Zippers on leading-edge of cargo pockets enable access when seated or kneeling
  • Knee patches that will accept US Army or commercial internal knee pads
  • Bellowed calf pockets with button-down flaps
  • Rear of the waist is slightly higher than the front to prevent sagging
  • Button-closed waist also features an internal draw-string
  • Hip and rear pockets are of a horizontal slash type Rear pockets serve as an integral dump-pouch.



1377421_634210413266689_655664869_nFor further information, and available sizes, visit www.hydedefinition.com/bdu.html.  Individual, group and dealer pre-orders for a future production run can also be taken.


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