Battle Systems MPIL MK1 (Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight) – now available in GreenZone™ and BadLands™

The Battle Systems MPIL MK1 (Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight) is now available in PenCott-BadLandsand GreenZone.

10262063_715202138503306_1423934171680607616_nThe MPIL MK1 is designed and manufactured in the USA by Battle Systems LLC, and is intended to be a replacement for the legacy VS-17 panels commonly used in the military for signaling and recognition. The MPIL MK1 however, is extremely packable and lightweight – which makes it far more practical and convenient to use as an individual signal panel.

305548_407476665942523_965269732_nSpecial Features:

  • Gutted 550 cord loops on each corner to secure the marker panel to a surface
  • 2″x2″ IR square will be available as a drop-down menu option when ordering (US orders only; ITAR restricted item)
  • Packable and lightweight, the Marker Panel, Individual, LW easily stores in your shoulder or calf pocket – also a perfect fit in an admin/utility pouch

1535701_655568584466662_1421825278_nBattle Systems LLC is two infantry Marine veterans; 0331 and 0351. They design and make products intended for infantry use based on their combined experience of 6 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, international training operations, stateside schools, and cadre experience at the USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center.

The Marker Panel, Individual, LW is ideal for civilian applications as well. Stow an MPIL in your backpacking/adventure gear as part of your signal/survival kit.  As seen below on the top of Mt. Baker, WA. (10,781 ft).


If you’re trekking in the alpines or the lowlands and anywhere in between, you should definitely have a proper signaling contingency. Achieving this with the most compact, lightweight package possible is what the MPIL System is all about.

Visit Battle Systems website  ( ) for further information on the MPIL MK1, and the rest of their great products.


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