PenCott-Snowdrift entered in US SOCOM snow camouflage initiative

On 14 March 2013 the Program Manager-Special Operations Forces Survival, Support & Equipment Systems (PM-SOF SSES) released a Sources Sought Notice for Snow Camouflage pattern submissions, and then followed that up with an additional Sources Sought Notice for over-garments on 18 March 2013.

According to the Notice:  “The camouflage pattern should be designed to provide concealment in alpine to sub-alpine environments, where snow, ice and rocks are the primary environmental features.

Camouflage patterns submitted to this sources sought solicitation must be beyond the development phase, and be printable on lightweight synthetic materials.”

It is important to note that this effort is for US SOCOM (Special Operations Command) only – it is not part of the overall US Army Camouflage Improvement Initiative, and is also not connected with the US Marine Corps’ mountain / cold weather clothing and snow camouflage efforts.

We felt that our “Snowdrift” variant of the PenCott camouflage pattern family would be ideal for this requirement, so submitted a roll of our fabric – as requested.  We are also working with partners who are submitting their over-garment designs featuring our camouflage print.


Meanwhile, and on a different note, the guys at O’Neill Ops recently put one of our snow camo over-garments to the test while culling coyotes on the plains of South Dakota.  In their words, “its an amazing piece of gear, from the quiet water resistant material, to the unique camo pattern that works very VERY well for us, the over all design of the prototype suit that we got is phenomenal”.


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