Gryphon Defense Technologies unveils first PenCott prototypes

Serbia’s Gryphon Defense Technologies (previously known as Saint George Defense Group) was founded on the principles of producing the best quality professional military apparel and equipment with maximal practicality, ergonomic design, comfort and durability.

They plan to introduce a wide range of products in 2013The first product is their Field Combat Uniform (FCU) Series – see the photographs that follow for an initial look.

In addition to “GreenZone” and “Sandstorm”, Gryphon Deftech will also be offering their products in the “Badlands” version of the PenCott Multi-Environment Camouflage Pattern Family soon as well.

Contact Gryphon Deftech for prices and availability.



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3 Responses to Gryphon Defense Technologies unveils first PenCott prototypes

  1. Ivan Mackic says:

    If i may add, GDT will going to make all types of helmet covers even for the Ops-Core Fast helmets! Also, very soon we will present our Cordura PenCott and solid color line of gear! We promise a lott of cool and inovative stuff! :) )
    Cheers and thank you again for your support!!

  2. Andrei says:

    Very Impressive.

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