Enhanced presence on Facebook for the PenCott™ camouflage family

Social media, especially Facebook, has proven to be a very effective communications and marketing tool for us – so we were very happy to get some help from our friends at 762PR in Poland to create a new, dynamic and comprehensive fan-page for PenCott camouflage on Facebook.

The new page takes over from the previous Facebook Group as the primary go-to source for all things related to PenCott™ goodness.  So don’t miss out – go “Like” the page to check out all the great stuff from the growing number of companies producing garments and gear in – and the growing number of military and law enforcement special ops units using – this stunningly effective family of patterns.

The page includes an album for user-supplied photos, as well as a specific folder for each manufacturer to showcase their PenCott products.  Don’t forget to select “Get Notifications” under the “Liked” button so you don’t miss any updates.

The PenCott™ family of camouflage patterns features a unique, hybrid, 3-in-1 pattern geometry that is more organic and natural-looking than typical digital patterns. It was also specifically designed to provide superior concealment at close, mid and long ranges – across multiple environments.


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