UF PRO® introduces the STRIKER Field Shirt

The newly developed Striker Field Shirt from UF PRO provides maximum comfort and functionality combined with the outstanding camouflage properties of the PenCott-GreenZone™ pattern.

Striker Field Shirt frontStriker Field Shirt back

The shirt is made from robust and durable milspec 50/50 NyCo Ripstop fabric, and all loop material also meets NATO NIR requirements. It offers an anatomic cut which makes it comfortable when worn under body armor or battle vests.

Striker Field Shirt pockets
Dual access chest pockets provide good access to the contents, even when wearing equipment or body armour, and Velcro closures of the chest pockets prevent injury from secondary fragments. Big upper and lower arm pockets deliver enough space for equipment that you need to have quickly at hand.

Big upper and lower arm pockets

The Field Shirt also includes pouches for D3O® Trio Mid elbow protectors.

The Striker GreenZone Field Shirt will be available soon in sizes from S to 2XL.

Price: 99.00 € (VAT included)

See the rest of the STRIKER BattleDress System lineup at: ufpro.si


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