What is ‘Rasputin Item’?

To satisfy the demand in the airsoft world for economically-priced, quality-made replicas of real-steel gear using high-quality genuine materials, there is a new brand on the market with a rather unusual name.

We’re not sure why they chose the name “Rasputin Item”, but its certainly an original idea to name your tactical gear and garment producing company after a mysterious, and infamous, Russian spiritualist.  But at least they don’t feature an incomprehensible, scraggly-bearded, unwashed, weirdo in their advertising…

What you will find in their product line-up is a range of gear and clothing replicating some of the most highly sought after (and pricey) high-end gear and clothing from the real-steel world.  So, for example, you’ll see replicas of Crye Precision’s G3 Combat Shirt and Combat pants, as well as plate carriers with and without integrated mag pouches for assault rifles or sub-machine guns, and various other admin pouches and such.

Rasputin%20N3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Greenzone%20a Rasputin%20RS3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Badlands%20a Rasputin%20N3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Sandstorm%20a Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Greenzone%20a Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Badlands%20a Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Sandstorm%20a1723795_783922948369402_3080984008080606828_n 10411432_783922908369406_1318501136399116111_n

10342794_786217804806583_981896673679013513_n 10418151_786217694806594_700759474968452987_n 10629797_786217684806595_8213944626762559250_n 10959768_786217801473250_652663807604385154_n 10968396_786217688139928_2984026451511037871_n 10978549_786217808139916_304216173325107279_n 10987705_786217711473259_2417913287449009225_n 10991145_786217691473261_6060809519970228956_n

All of the items are made using genuine, high-quality, military-grade materials featuring authentic PenCott™ camouflage patterns – currently GreenZone, BadLands™ and SandStorm™.  Production is done in China to keep the price of the finished goods low, and the Rasputin Item product range is currently available through the following international retailers:  Gunfire ( Poland ),  JDT ( Taiwan ),  Kinwa ( Japan ), Tango Tactical ( Italy ).

You can also find the entire Rasputin Item range online at www.ebairsoft.com, and you can follow their latest updates on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rasputinitem.

Oh, and about their advertising, well….



Partner / Product Spotlight: UF PRO® SmallPac Monsoon in GreenZone™

GreenZoneprovides an outstanding level of camouflage and concealment in verdant environments, but sometimes you need protection from the elements too.

Enter UF PRO.  These guys don’t just make exceptionally ergonomic and functional garments, they are also very innovative in their use of materials.  And if the material they want doesn’t exist?  They go out and get it made!


Case in point:  they developed the first (and so far, only!) breathable, waterproof, GreenZone™ material for their SmallPac Monsoon rain suit.  And the result?  “Regarding comfort and waterproofness we did not notice any difference compared with the GORE-TEX® SmallPac Suit.  And regarding noise the GreenZone 2.5 layer laminate is even superior to the GORE-TEX® Paclite.”

Click through to read the full story…

OPS brand ‘Gen 2 Ultimate Direct Action Pants’ now available in PenCott™ camouflage patterns through UR Tactical

The Optimal Performance System (OPS) brand was stablished in 2005 and has become a fairly well-known international tactical gear brand.

The OPS brand continuously pursues creativity and quality in product development and uses only genuine and first-quality materials to ensure the durability of their offering and the protection of the user.  To date, OPS customers include troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, Law Enforcement SWAT Teams and Private Security Companies.  OPS products also featured in the ‘Terminator 4′ movie.

OPS added the GreenZone™ and BadLands™ colorways from Hyde Definition’s PenCott™ camo family to their line-up a while back, and they’ve been building up a nice full portfolio of PenCott™ products rapidly since.  Most recently, they released one of their most eagerly awaited PenCott™ products – their very popular ‘Gen2 Ultimate Direct Action Pants’.  Already available in GreenZone™, watch out for BadLands™ to follow soon.

10897018_879153535461679_3291069801627768460_n  10983416_879153532128346_4231415078850942328_n

1947781_879153538795012_384737106621608989_n  10436679_879153572128342_4931613202731034462_n

1524570_879153608795005_7682700561144370231_n  10451330_879153595461673_5352287199851055296_n

10987461_879153618795004_6181366300144013937_n  pads_ur

Other products have also been steadily rolling out to join the PenCott™ portfolio too – such as the Enhanced Assault System (E.A.SY.) Plate Carrier and Chest Rig seen below.

1507707_872041732839526_9054180594341554932_n  10931030_872041739506192_335219039997416891_n

10636332_875422255834807_4049186615389905283_n  10423724_875422252501474_110760043961587929_n

Check out the full range of PenCott™ products on UR-Tactical.com, and also keep an eye on their Facebook page for the latest updates.

Buyer Beware!

‘Caveat emptor’ is Latin for “Let the buyer beware” and unfortunately this old admonition is also true with regard to purchasing PenCottcamouflage fabric.

Unfortunately, we have seen several examples recently of rejected off-color and other types of ‘second-quality’ PenCott camouflage fabric turning up on eBay and other online wholesale outlets being sold as good quality material.  Some customers have already been duped by the low prices on the per-yard fabric and/or by low shipping rates.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the ‘PenCott’ fabric that’s coming through these discount wholesalers is 2nd quality or off-color fabric that we rejected and didn’t take into stock.  It was sold off by the print mill as off-quality goods, but sometimes these wholesalers don’t tell you that in the product description – so be careful, read the product description, and ask the seller to clarify where and how they got the fabric.

Why does it matter?

If its not genuine first-quality fabric, there could be one or more problems with it – such as; the colors being off, the colors will fade quickly, the fabric will shrink too much when its washed, etc.

The only truly authentic, genuine, first-quality PenCott fabrics are the ones that that have been or are being sold by us (Hyde Definition), MMI Textiles or Tacticaltrim.

Another unfortunate situation which has come to our attention is that the PenCott patterns have also been illegally copied in China, Indonesia and apparently in the Ukraine as well.  These counterfeit patterns have so far been seen on 1000D textured nylon and poly-cotton ripstop fabrics.


TNI Expo 3

Some finished products have also appeared on the market made from these counterfeit fabrics – such as the BDU shown above and  ’replica’ Crye Precision Combat Uniform seen below.


Fake PenCott patterns have also shown up in the Ukraine and on the Polish equivalent of eBay.



PLEASE NOTE: We are pursuing legal action against the counterfeiters, and we will also take action against any retailer who offers finished goods made from these counterfeit fabrics.

To make sure you’re buying gear or clothing made with genuine, first-quality PenCott camouflage materials, check the listings of gear and garment makers on our website.

Get the edge – get GENUINE PenCott camouflage!

UR Tactical expands PenCott™ line-up

UR Tactical continues to expand their range of tactical gear and clothing market featuring genuine PenCott™ pattern materials. 

In recent weeks they’ve been showcasing  a growing range of PenCott-based products on their Facebook page – which we present a sampling of here.


Rumor has it that UR Tactical might be expanding their US / North American distribution soon as well.  Stay tuned to their website and Facebook page for further news and info as it becomes available.

0241 Tactical adds the PenCott™ family to their portfolio

0241 Tactical are well known as a producer of a range of camouflaged tactical gear accessory items – such as tarps, rucksack covers, goggle covers, balaclavas, neck gaiters, etc.

Now, just in time for the SHOT Show, 0241 Tactical has released several of their products featuring the PenCott family of patterns – including the very first ever stretch-woven products in PenCott camouflage!


More details, and more products, will follow soon – for now, check out the dedicated PenCott page on 0241 Tactical’s webshop.




US Night Vision Corp introduces Mag Wraps™ in PenCott® patterns

Mag Wraps™ come 3 in  a pack, will fit any 30rd AR-15 magazine, are easy to install and offer the ultimate in protection and camouflage for your magazines.  And now they are available in the PenCott-GreenZone™ camo pattern too!

These premium US-made wraps offer superior UV protection, chemical resistance, protection from scuffs and scrapes, are completely waterproof and are finished in a non-reflective matte outer coating. They work equally well on steel, aluminum and polymer magazines, and leave zero residue when removed.


Currently available in GreenZone™ – BadLands™ and SnowDrift™ to follow.  Other Rapid Wraps™ products in PenCott patterns are in development.